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My name is Ercan John, I am the founder of browserugs.com.


I’ve been in working in the rug industry over 30 years as a sales representative and worked for numerous oriental rug companies. I’ve been in the same industry more than half of my life because I LOVE WHAT I DO! I love the mysterious beauty of oriental rugs. Other than each of them being a unique piece of art and an outcome of a great effort; thinking the story/history of each motif on them, wondering what the emotion of the person was having while tying each knot on it amaze me!
Sharing my enthusiasm with others, informing them about rugs is a joy to me more than a job!
Now, I am taking my joy to the next level! I’m sharing a great selection of enchanting rugs to browse, while making rugs from all around the world including rug expert silk road countries available with just one click. It offers a huge selection of all types of rugs from all types of businesses; from small family businesses to big international businesses, from whole sellers to mass producers to make best deals possible for all budgets!
30 years of experience in the business made me believe in a single formula for sales person to succeed; businesses have to offer good quality, and big selection along with good deals to make their customers happy to be able survive because only happy customers will keep the business alive. The sales person plays a crucial role building a bridge between the customer and the business and, can be successful only if both parties are satisfied as the result.
Being in the same industry more than half of my life gave me a chance to learn another thing. It’s hard to offer good deals and big selections due to high maintenance costs of rug business. In addition to the cost of rugs, generics and value of them requires higher storage, insurance, showroom, shipping costs compare to other industries whereas sales volumes are lower, the ability to access potential costumer is limited. All these struggles leave less options and chances of having affordable deals on a good quality rugs for people who loves rugs.
I’ve built browserugs.com as a bridge to bring rug enthusiast and rug businesses together on the online platform. I’ve cleared the way from struggles with the help of my IT team for both those parties. browserugs.com helps businesses to reduce their cost significantly by offering automated systems on shipping, payment, logistic systems with a great access to potential buyers. I’m enabling businesses offer GREAT deals instead good ones to so the rug enthusiasts can have unlimited selection to have a chance to pay much better prices on what they really love!
Because browserugs.com has been created over a belief; At the end of the day, only if both customers and the businesses are happy it can successfully accomplish its duty!